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Why You Can Choose TPESEXDOLL With Confidence

We are an authentic adult solid sex dolls supplier. We want to be your stable global supporter and partner.
We are an enterprise integrated factory and trade, specializing in designing, manufacturing and selling sex doll. We are dedicated to providing customers with high-quality products and great service.
We always make every effort to supervise the manufacturing of every real doll. 


First of all, we are a regular company with a definite office location and business license. We are headquartered in Hong Kong and have a branch in Shenzhen. We have established cooperative relationships with most sex doll factories in China and are the authoritative agent of these brands of sex dolls. (JY DOLL, AF DOLL, AS DOLL, GYNOID DOLL, SANHUI DOLL, 6YE DOLL, ELSABABE DOLL, JARLIET DOLL, etc.) You can confirm with these factories whether we are their real authorized agents.

Secondly, we support paypal and credit card payment. Credit card payment is also done through paypal, which fully guarantees the interests of buyers. If you do not receive the love sex doll for any reason, you can apply for a refund in paypal, and you will be able to get your funds back. We are a legal sex doll sales company and definitely not a scammer doing a one-off business.

Third, when your realistic sex doll is completed, we will take real pictures and photos for you. If you need, we can mark in the pictures and videos that it belongs to you alone, not stolen photos and videos. If you are not satisfied with you real sex doll, we can improve it according to your requirements, and we will ship it until you are satisfied.

Fourth, your information is kept confidential throughout the entire process. From the time you placed order to the time you receive the goods, your information will not be leaked anywhere.

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Here we will tell you order a real doll is easy.
There are various ways to browse through our huge collection of sex dolls on our website, but the easiest way is to search through our full collection. Once you've picked your favourite love doll, the rest is easy.

How to orer sex dolls on Tpesexdoll Tpesexdoll studio

TPESEXDOLL - Best adult solid TPE & Silicone sex doll wholesaler

We are a wholesale website and brand sale website that gather global brand sex dolls. Our headquarter is located in Hongkong and it is regarded as a center. We source the best quality sex dolls from all over the world. Our product line covers TPE & Silicone sex dolls, Japanese sex dolls, Chinese sex dolls, and Korean sex dolls. We only provide high-quality love dolls and 100% authentic brand sex dolls. We are an independent and authorized sex doll supplier for many TDF certified manufacturers.

The sex doll brands we sell are 4WOODS AI DOLL (日本四木娃娃), ORIENT DOLL (日本东方娃娃), ARTETOKIO DOLL (日本东京艺术娃娃), EX DOLL (蒂艾斯娃娃), WM DOLL (金三娃娃), GYNOID DOLL (人造人娃娃), JJ DOLL (璟珺娃娃), JY DOL(L  俊影娃娃), MYDOLL (超影娃娃), SYDOLL (生益娃娃), HEINIA DOLL (伊鸣娃娃), AS DOLL (艾沙莎娃娃), EL DOLL (夏娃生活娃娃), COS DOLL (科帆娃娃), AIBEI DOLL (爱贝娃娃), AF DOLL (爱妃娃娃), YOUQU DOLL (趣诱娃娃), etc.

Introduction to Wholesale Business is committed to becoming a partner engaged in sex doll retailers. We will do our best to provide the best sex doll supply chain services for the global sex doll importers, sex doll wholesalers, sex doll offline retailers, doll online platform shops owners, sex doll brand agents, sex doll brothels, sex doll theme hotels, sex doll experience halls, sex doll clubs, sex doll rental company, sex doll micro-business bloggers. is also committed to becoming a factory partner engaged in the manufacture of the highest quality dolls. We will do our best to provide the best doll products display, promotion, marketing and sales services for  the world's best doll making studio, doll production factory, doll brand dealer.

We follow the international standard trade laws and rules. We will provide customers with a full range of sex doll sample confirmation, TPE & Silicone sex doll production material BOM, sex doll production process, sex doll packaging details, contracts, invoices, and packing required for sex doll cross-border logistics. Single, certificate of origin, quality inspection certificate, letter of credit, customs clearance documents.

We can help customers with OEM customized production services for sex dolls. We can help customers design new sex doll heads and bodies, help customers design sex dolls’ makeup and dressing, and help customers design sex dolls’ OEM own brand packaging. Help customers to produce OEM brand sex doll photography, promotional materials, product catalog.

Introduction to retail business is not only a sex doll wholesale business, but also a sex doll online retail business. We are committed to becoming the best website for otaku and doll lovers around the world to buy sex dolls. We provide the highest quality and cheapest sex doll products. Otaku (Otaku) and sex doll lovers place an order on our online retail website. Your order will be delivered to you by DHL, FedEx, UPS and another courier. We support express delivery to door in most countries around the world, including those in mainstream countries. It can be delivered in big cities within 5-10 days working days.

Because the sex doll is a very private and customer-friendly product, we strongly recommend that you communicate with our professional shopping guide service staff before purchasing. You can add chat software such as WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Instagram, Line, WeChat, etc. our shopping guide service staff will explain to you the considerations of various doll purchases with pictures and texts.

Steps of the sex doll purchase process

(1)After you complete the selection of the sex doll and place an order on our website, our shopping guide service staff will check the details of your order again and send you a final confirmation via email after confirmation.

(2)After you complete the final confirmation and pay the deposit, we will send your order to the sex doll making studio. Our supply chain personnel at the sex doll manufacturer will track and photograph the whole process of making the doll in your order. Our shopping guide service staff will send you the progress.

(3)During the key step, you will receive the photos of the real sex dolls in the factory so that you can confirm all the appearance and details. At this time, when you find something you don’t like, you can also make subtle adjustments. For example, different wigs, different eyes, different nipples and pubic colors, etc.

(4)After the production of the sex doll is completed, it will be packaged. We will take a picture of the package and various international shipping documents and send it to you. For retail orders, we usually use DHL, FedEx, UPS and other couriers to send you.

(5)We will contact the customs of your country to confirm all the documents required for customs clearance and whether there are customs duties. 

(6)If you use express delivery such as DHL, FedEx, UPS, etc., you will receive a tracking number and be able to directly arrange a specific date for collection/delivery with our express company. If you use other cheaper international logistics methods, our shopping guide service staff will take the initiative to give you feedback on the arrival of the cargo transportation route.

Our promise

We have conducted a very professional and meticulous quality inspection on every TPE & Silicone sex doll produced by every doll studio, factory and brand. In the process of these quality

inspections, we will conduct various mechanical and chemical tests and anatomy to view the internal structure of the sex doll. We only put high-quality sex dolls on our website for sale.

Not only that, we also conduct a careful quality inspection on every detail of all dolls in every order.We not only inspect the appearance and the complete set of doll posture unlocking actions, but also inspect the bones, joints and inner bladder inside the doll through the fluoroscopy machine in order to  avoid having internal quality problem inside the sex doll problem.

We have signed agency sales agreements with every sex doll's studio, factory and brand. You can check the agent sales authorization certificate issued to us by the sex doll's studio, factory and brand in the supplier and brand introduction page of our website. You can also view the same certificate on these supplier websites.

We have established our official accounts on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Line, WeChat, Tiktok, and you can check customer comments on us on these official accounts.

We have opened our own channel on The Doll Forum, the world’s largest sex doll forum, where you can check customer comments on us.

We have participated in the third-party audit agency Trustpilot, and you can view our verified audit on Trustpilot. We have participated in the third-party audit organization, and you can view our verified audits on Trustpilot.

We promise that we will only sell high-quality sex dolls and only brand-authorized sex dolls. We will provide return of goods for free and full refund and exchange services for every sex doll we sell.


If you have any questions, please contact us, we will reply as soon as possible.

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