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Nayuki, a young girl, 20 years old, model 16 from Gynoid sex doll. She is the latest generation of artificial companions. Her head and body are made of medical grade platinum silicone. She likes sports, especially swimming and skipping rope. She was born in a wealthy family, learned the piano since childhood, and was raised by her parents to enter the conservatory. Young, beautiful and versatile. do you like her?

Gynoid has the most realistic sex dolls. They can all stand without bolts and articulated knuckles.

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Nayuki has a sturdy body and a fully articulated metal frame, which allows her to assume any posture that a real woman can accomplish.

Gynoid doll Nayuki is a realistic silicone sex doll. Although she has no emotions, cannot move or speak, her body structure is no different from a real person.

Brand Gynoid Doll
Material Premium Grade Silicone & Alloy Skeleton
Head Nayuki
Model Height(cm) Bust/Waist/Hips(cm) Weight(kg)
Model 6 160 88/60/91 30
Model 10 172 85/60/88 36
Model 11 162 85/60/88 32
Model 12 155 83/58/88 28
Model 13 170 89/62/91 30
Model 14 160 83/57/86.5 28
Model 15 162 73/55.5/84.5 28
Model 16(Default) 165 86/61/90 32
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