QITA Doll E Cup Realistic Female Sex Doll Torso - Ella

Qita Doll

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Ella is a half body TPE sex doll. Ella is having a sweet dream. She was imagining you and her playing on the lawn, you chased her, she fell in your arms. Ella's hair gleamed like gold. You gently sniff the direction of her hair, slowly beautiful face. Her body is very light, you can pick her up easily. She is like an angel, bringing you a heavenly magical experience. If you are still looking for the lover of your dreams, I believe she must be your best choice.

Brand Qita Doll
Material TPE
Height 80 cm
Width 43 cm
Thickness 18 cm
Oral Depth 10 cm
Vaginal Depth 14 cm
Anus Depth 10 cm
Weight 17 kg

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