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Lisa, An extremely cool sling off-the-shoulder dress, revealing round and lubricious pearl shoulders, and the exquisite embossment that sets off her hanger figure. a steel wire bra wearing a transparent glass sling, a large and turbulent silhouette is looming. two slender whites are exposed His tender lotus root-like arms naturally hung on the small waist like a water snake.

Brand Gynoid Doll
Material Premium Grade Silicone & Alloy Skeleton
Head Lisa
Model Height(cm) Bust/Waist/Hips(cm) Weight(kg)
Model 6 160 88/60/91 30
Model 10 172 85/60/88 36
Model 11 162 85/60/88 32
Model 12 155 83/58/88 28
Model 13(Default) 170 89/62/91 30
Model 14 160 83/57/86.5 28
Model 15 162 73/55.5/84.5 28
Model 16 165 86/61/90 32

Gynoid doll Lisa is a realistic silicone sex doll. She has no emotions, can't move and speak, but her body structure is no different from real humans.

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In order to please her lover, Lisa can cosplay any role as long as her lover likes it. Lisa likes cosplay Spider-Man. She wears a black tight-fitting Spider-Man costume and shows her perfect figure. She said that Spider-Man saves the world. She only saves her lover and gives him the perfect sex experience.

If Lisa's lover doesn't like heroic characters, she can also cosplay a Japanese maid, who is obedient and pitiful, so that her lover can't control his desire when he sees Lisa.

In a leisurely afternoon, Lisa wore a sexy lace suit and held a glass of red wine, sitting on the sofa waiting for her lover's return.

In the evening, she went to the bathroom early, put warm water in the bathtub, and took a quiet bath, thinking about that what kind of hug her lover would give when him back.

Lisa dressed in sexy pajamas, and sat on the edge of the bed. Her lover came back, and he put an SM prop on her feet. Her lover said to her, Lisa, we are going to have some excitement tonight. . .

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