YouQDoll 145cm B Cup Small Tits Petite Cute Sex Doll - Natsuki


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Natsuki is an Japanese teen silicone love doll. She is a high school student, she looks pure and lovely, lively, and very gentle to every classmate. But she also has an under-the-radar side, she often goes on compensated dating, and loves luxury and high-end venues. As long as you have money, you can also take care of her! Want to try it?

Brand YouQDoll
Material TPE
Height 140 cm
Shoulder Width 32 cm
Bust/Band/Waist 72 cm / 58.5 cm / 52 cm
Hip 76 cm
Arm Length 59 cm
Leg Length 74 cm
Palm Length 16 cm
Foot Length 20 cm
Oral/Vaginal/Anal Depth 12 cm / 17 cm / 14 cm
Weight 28 kg
Gross Weight 33.5 kg
Packing Size 132 cm x 40 cm x 28 cm

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