Yuqu Asian 145cm A cup small breasts slim petite brown hair sex doll Guqin

Yuqu Doll

Guqin is an Asian woman, she has all the characteristics of an oriental woman, petite body, gentle temperament, she is also a beauty with small eyes, although her eyes are very small, but she has long and narrow peach eyes, very charming, she She is petite, but very slender. Her straight legs make it impossible to leave her sight. Her weight is very light. You can move her very easily. Her skin is very soft and real.


Length: 123 cm
Upper bust: 72 cm
Lower bust: 58.5 cm
Waist: 52 cm
Hips: 76 cm
Shoulder width: 32 cm
Arm length: 59 cm
Palm: 16 cm
Net weight: 28 kg
Gross weight: 33.5 kg
Outer thigh length: 83 cm
A section of thigh length: 68 cm
Foot length: 20 cm
Mouth depth: 12 cm
Depth of vagina: 17 cm
Anus depth: 14 cm
Carton size: 132 * 40 * 28 cm

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