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Li Hui is a very mature and sexy girl. She likes to wear a flesh-colored tube top dress, leaking half of her breasts outside, as if she is seduce others. Because the skirt was just long enough to reach the bottom, she lifted her legs and her hips seemed to be leaking, which aroused people's thinking. Her figure is particularly attractive, with a perfect curvy figure. The quality of this real doll is very good. When you pass through the world of two people, you will not worry about accidents. She was waiting for a man to take her home.

Gynoid Technology provides an incredible collection of sex dolls. Brought to life using premium grade, platinum silicone with an internal alloy skeleton with engineered high-grade plastic "bones" that features full-range joints for extra mobility allowing realistic movements, amazing body positions and flexibility. Gynoid are one of the most popular and best silicone dolls in the world, and it's easy to see why...

Customisation options include: Eye colour, Pubic hair, Skeletal Joint Tightness, Vagina Type.

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Brand Gynoid Doll
Material Premium Grade Silicone & Alloy Skeleton
Head Li Hui
Model Height(cm) Bust/Waist/Hips(cm) Weight(kg)
Model 6 160 88/60/91 30
Model 10 (Default) 172 85/60/88 36
Model 11 162 85/60/88 32
Model 12 155 83/58/88 28
Model 13 170 89/62/91 30
Model 14 160 83/57/86.5 28
Model 15 162 73/55.5/84.5 28
Model 16 165 86/61/90 32
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