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Bezlya Doll is an adult product company dedicated to the development and production of solid sex dolls. It is the fastest growing sex doll manufacturer in China.

Their mainstream products are silicone sex dolls and TPE sex dolls, which can be freely combined with 89 types of heads and 18 types of bodies. They are a combination of practicality and artistry.

Bezlya Doll has a professional technical research and development team and advanced production equipment. They successfully developed a solid sex doll that is odorless, less greasy and lightweight. The main material of the sex doll is TPE imported from Japan, which is non-toxic and tasteless, and is closer to the real human skin.

The bones and joints of the Bezlya realistic sex doll are a new type of all-metal bone independently developed. Its finger and toe joints are very similar to real human bones. They can perform most operations that real people can perform.

  • Bezlya doll has 11 skin tones, including white, wheaten and black.
  • Bezlya doll has 89 types of heads
  • Bezlya doll has 18 types of bodies, ranging from 100 cm to 170 cm.

It performed a 3D 1:1 scan of the body shape of the 163's, which is exactly the same as a real person.

The vagina is made of tpe high-toughness material, the entrance is narrow and compact, and the internal shape is flexible. The original internal mucosal technology only needs a few drops of water to enter the vagina, and the vagina will automatically moisturize and lubricate.

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