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XY Doll


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Shangguan Qianqian is a beautiful Japanese teen sex doll, a beautiful college student. She wanted a prosperous life, but she didn't meet a man who loved her and was willing to spend money on her. If you love her, please take her home. Buy her beautiful clothes, play any role, and she will always wait for you. She will make you happy every night. She liked the feeling and groaned in bed.

Brand XY Doll
Material Silicone Head and TPE Body
Height (cm) 138 148 152
Should Width (cm) 33 32 29
Upper Bust (cm) 64 74 65
Under Bust (cm) 60 57.5 55
Waist (cm) 57 52 46
Hip (cm) 73 80 79
Arm Length (cm) 40 42 46
Leg Length (cm) 70 76 81
Foot Length (cm) 19 19 21
Weight (kg) 23 26 24

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