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Uaroy,she is an elf doll. The ears are pointed, the mouth is slightly open, and the eyes are blue. Everywhere reveals sexy. The slightly opened mouth seems to ask for a kiss again, which can also make you experience the feeling of a hot kiss. Her weight base is not large, so you can use her to feel a variety of postures and positions. If you like her, she will be your best little angel.

This is a wm doll that stands at 165cm/5 feet 5 inches and looks delightfully Elven. She comes across as delightfully realistic, with a determined personality. She is well suited to many different outfits, yet this one works particularly well. Her body is highly athletic in the figure, and slim and flexible, her appearance, while busty is very model-like. She is a 100% solid TPE sex doll, with a metal skeleton contained therein.

The strengths of WM Dolls are the overall quality of the product and the unbeatable assortment of the catalog: with more than 80 bodies and more than 100 faces available to find a combination that you will like is almost guaranteed.


Full Height with Head: 165cm - 5 Feet 6 inches
Weight: 29.8kg - 65.7lbs
Bust: 78cm - 30.7 inches
Waist: 53cm - 20.9 inches
Hips: 80cm - 31.5 inches
Vaginal Depth : 18cm - 7 inches
Anal Depth : 17cm - 6.5 inches
Mouth Depth : 13cm - 5 inches

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