QITA 158cm G cup big boobs white shirt sexy sex doll Neoma

Qita Doll

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Dressed in a see-through white shirt, with a hint of her seductive body, Norma is indeed the perfect woman, with a G Cup to be proud of and a round butt like a juicy peach
You can do anything to her.
In fact, her skin is soft, just like a real woman.
No matter what you do to her, she belongs to you and loves you very much.
Come and enjoy this loyal and lovely doll!


Heightï¼?/td> 158cm 
Bustï¼?/td> 95cm
Under Bustï¼?/td> 51cm
Hipsï¼?/td> 74cm
Waistï¼?/td> 59cm
Shoulder widthï¼?/td> 33cm
Arm circumferenceï¼?/td> 20cm
Arm lengthï¼?/td> 48cm
Hand lengthï¼?/td> 15cm
Leg lengthï¼?/td> 75cm
Thigh circumferenceï¼?/td> 42cm
Calf circumferenceeï¼?/td> 27cm
vaginalï¼?/td> 14cm
Anusï¼?/td> 10cm
Foot lengthï¼?/td> 21cm
Neck circumferenceï¼?/td> 26cm
Net weightï¼?/td> 30KG

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