JY Doll 164cm Silicone Head & TPE Body Implanted Hair Sex Doll - Gia

JY Doll

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Gia is the new JY Doll TPE 164cm silicone head body is one of the first sex dolls with a mixed body and head released. She has a silicone head that can achieve additional makeup details that cannot be achieved with a TPE head. Her TPE body has all the softness and elasticity you expect from this material, and it looks and feels natural. At this time she is wearing a wedding dress, ready to marry the man she loves and her future husband

Her silicone head and TPE body is a particularly realistic sex doll. The body is soft and delicate, and it feels good to the touch. If you like it, take her away.

The silicone and TPE used will not react with each other.

Brand JY Doll
Material Silicone head and TPE body
Height 164 cm
Model JY164-Gia
Hair Implanted Hair
Neck 26 cm
Shoulder Width 38 cm
Full Bust/Band/Waist 91 cm / 66 cm / 55 cm
Hip 96 cm
Arm Length 64 cm
Palm Length 26 cm
Leg Length 83 cm
Foot Length 21 cm
Vaginal/Anal Depth 14 cm / 14 cm
Weight 43 kg
Packing Size 154 cm x 41 cm x 29 cm

More Information

  • Vaginal and anal capabilities
  • Durable steel skeleton with movable joints for many amazing sex positions
  • Medical-grade material: Silicone head with TPE body

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