Jarliet 166cm D cup cos big breasts cat girl lovely hot sex doll-Wangjie


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Wang Jie is an Asian girl, her appearance is very perfect, exquisite appearance and curvy figure, it is difficult to compare with anyone. She is very cute, like an innocent child, she likes to play a role, and now she is playing a cat girl, cute and sexy, so that people can not remove her eyes. In the crowd, the first thing you see is her. She is also very cute. Such a sexy girl fits the best in everything.


Bust (cm): 75
Lower bust (cm): 56
Waist circumference (cm):53
Hip circumference (cm): 78
Shoulder width (cm): 34
Arm length (cm): 50
Palm (cm): 17
Leg length (cm): 108
Foot length (cm):21
Mouth (cm): 13
Vagina (cm): 18
Backyard (cm): 16
Net weight (kg): 31.3
Gross weight (kg): 42
Carton packaging size (cm): 156*38*28