Anna is patient and full of energy. It can be seen that she is not a girl with a good family background. Her family suffered major changes last year, which put all the burden on her. Her weak shoulders could not bear too much pressure, she was very tired. She's all dirty, can you save this poor girl? Irontech sex doll Anna  is realistic .During Covid 19 Corona Virus, she is a guarantee for a lonely man as the safest sex partner. She is your "slut", "prostitute" and "bitch" in bed.


Size & Info

  • Height: 163cm
  • Breast line: 96cm
  • Underbreastline: 71cm
  • Waistline: 62cm
  • Hip line: 94cm
  • Shoulder width: 35cm
  • Thighline: 51cm
  • Calfline: 31cm
  • Arm Length: 67cm
  • Leg Length: 88cm
  • Feet Size: 22.5cm
  • Weight: 37kg

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