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Gynoid Doll


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Although Shay is only 18 years old, his body proportions are very good. She is a very special girl. She wears erotic lingerie for the master and servants of the role. She likes rough SM games, and she can cooperate with you for any role-playing you want. Her figure is really perfect. Although it is a real doll, it is not inferior to a real person. You can do any sex position. Please take her home

Gynoid Tech offers an incredible collection of sex dolls. The use of high-quality platinum silicone to give life, the internal alloy skeleton with engineering high-grade plastic "skeleton", with a full range of joints, can provide additional mobility, allowing realistic movements, amazing body posture and flexibility. Gynoid is one of the most popular and best silicone dolls in the world, it is easy to understand why...

Customization options include: eye color, pubic hair, tightness of bones and joints, vagina type.

Read more about Gynoid dolls in "Gynoid Doll - The Top Luxury Silicone Sex Doll Brand In China".

Brand Gynoid Doll
Material Premium Grade Silicone & Alloy Skeleton
Head Shay
Model Height(cm) Bust/Waist/Hips(cm) Weight(kg)
Model 6 160 88/60/91 30
Model 9  148 81/61/84 26
Model 10 172 85/60/88 36
Model 11 162 85/60/88 32
Model 12 (Default) 155 83/58/88 28
Model 13 170 89/62/91 30
Model 14  160 83/57/86.5 28
Model 15 162 73/55.5/84.5 28
Model 16 165 86/61/90 32
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