Cherry | Silicone Head + WM168E big breast Chest Soft Skin Tpe

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Cherry is a successful professional woman. She has a good figure, beautiful movements and a beautiful face with confidence.

This sex doll is the ideal lover for many men. Her chest is plump, tall and straight, skin is also very elastic, wearing sexy black stockings.

Her face is very beautiful, is that kind of confident beauty, her eyes are as sexy and charming as fox. The most beautiful features of her face are her eyes!

In addition, her head is made of silicone, so her make-up can last a long time, you don't have to worry about her beautiful face will change. Made of medical grade thermoplastic elastomer silicone resin, it is safe, nontoxic and hypoallergenic. Her body is made of soft TPE material, supplemented by a flexible and strong high-end metal skeleton.

If you like this sexy creature, don't hesitate to take her away!

The head of the sex doll is a fully implanted head, which is permanently "inserted" into the doll's head and cannot be removed like a wig. Eyebrows are just as lifelike.

Although cherry's head is made of silicone, it is worth noting that her body is still made of TPE, so there may be color and texture differences between her head and her body.

You can also buy silicone head separately here.

WM dolls produce high quality sex dolls made from WM's widely acclaimed and approved TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) formula. It is not allergic, safe and environmentally friendly, specially developed to increase the durability and life of sex dolls. She has a articulated, movable metal skeleton that gives her flexibility and strength.

Size & Info

Brand: WM Dolls 
Head: WM Silicone Head #2
Height: 168cm ( 66.2" ) - head included
Body: 168cm E cup 

Skin in Photos: Natural
Weight: 40kg ( 88.2lbs ) - head included
Full Bust: 93cm ( 36.6" ) 
Under Bust: 68cm ( 26.8" ) 
Waist: 60cm ( 23.6" ) 
Hip: 93cm ( 36.6" ) 
Thigh Girth: 50cm ( 19.7" ) 
Leg Length: 85cm ( 33.5" ) 
Arm Length: 64cm ( 25.2" ) 
Shoulder Breadth: 36cm ( 14.2" ) 
Vagina Depth: 17cm ( 6.7" ) 
Anal Depth: 17cm ( 6.7" ) 
Oral Depth: 13cm ( 5.1" ) 
Vagina Diameter: 1.5cm ( 0.6" ) 
Anal Diameter: 1.5cm ( 0.6" ) 
TPE Body + Silicone Head

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