E Cup 3 In 1 Dual Tunnels Life Sized Half Body Sex Doll Candice

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Candice lay comfortably on the beach chair, her skin glistening like honey in the sun, as if it were a gift from heaven. There is no defect in her body and you can see countless new possibilities in her. She will make you reborn, let you feel the beauty and glory of life.
You met a Russian girl Candice when you were on a business trip to Spain.
When you are swimming in the hotel pool, you will see her lying by the pool in the sun. Her body is perfect, her round breasts look beautiful in her swimsuit.
Candice's skin is white. She always uses sunscreen. When she's by your side, you want to pinch her breast in your hand, heat it up, and then you reach out to her sexy butt, and then, take off your pants...
She wants you to touch her soft skin and taste her sweet nipples..
Candice will never say you're too impulsive, too fast or too boring. She's trying to satisfy your desire for good sex.

She's yours.

Sexy Candice has a butt and pudenda to bring you the greatest happiness. Your hard penis can penetrate her from all directions and move as fast as she wants.
Try to try missionary position and anal sex with her, and sneak into the dream world at any time. Watch some porn, and try to find your favorite posture and style of sex without fear of ridicule and embarrassment.
Get ready to get excited about trying this sex toy. She has beautiful breasts. You can try to have sex with her and get into her body to get you to the best climax of your life.
With sweet Candice, your sex life will be better. You can do whatever you want with your partner that you've never tried before.
If you don't know how to please your girlfriend, Candice is happy to help you! She can practice with you and please each other.
Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) is one of the most reliable and time tested materials. It is not only safe, but also very stable. If you hit Candace or hold her too tightly, she will never get hurt.
The metal frame in her body keeps her strong and prevents parts from spreading. It also makes it as heavy as a real woman's torso.

Dress up fun

Candice is a life size doll, which means you can dress her up to your liking. We recommend L-size underwear or tights. Please note that thermoplastic elastomer dolls are easy to get dirty, so avoid dark or faded clothes.

Key Features

  • â�?Life-size. 1: 1 scale reproduction of perfect female figure.
  • â�?Elastic, human-like skin with realistic pores and goosebumps
  • â�?Two big tits with nicely-made nipples.
  • â�?The Big ass is ready for you to grab and spank.
  • â�?Medical grade TPE materials.
  • â�?3 In 1 Pleasure- Vaginal sex, anal sex and breast sex.
  • â�?The framework inside her keeps her sturdy.
  • â�?Super stretchy tunnels- can be stretched without deforming. The penises between 6 to 9 inches can get a good experience during use.
  • â�?Tunnels are fulled with textured nodules and ridges on the inner walls, which will increase friction and irritation.
  • ❤Closed-End For Tighter Sensation- The closed-end provides a virgin-like suction when you stroke.

Body Measurements

  • â�?Height: 22.83â€?/li>
  • â�?Length: 13.39â€?/li>
  • â�?Width: 14.412â€?/li>
  • â�?Weight: 43 pounds
  • â�?Vaginal tunnel length: 6â€?/li>
  • â�?Vaginal opening diameter: 0.4â€?/li>
  • â�?Anal tunnel length: 5â€?/li>
  • â�?Anal opening diameter: 0.3â€?/li>

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