AS Doll 163cm Perfect Curved Sex Doll-Viola

AS Doll

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She is a girl who likes nature. Because she has two weekends, she will go to different wetland parks on weekends, or go to various botanical gardens and zoos, which allows her to accumulate a lot of information about nature. She is very outgoing and has made a lot of friends by playing around, and she will also introduce different places to play with these like-minded people.

Brand: AS Sex Dolls

  • Height:163cm
  • Body:144cm
  • Neck:27cm
  • Shoulder:33cm
  • Upper Breast:87cm
  • Under Breastï¼?4cm
  • Waistï¼?1cm
  • Hipï¼?7cm
  • Arm:63cm
  • Palm:14cm
  • Leg:88cm
  • Foot:20cm


  • Mouth:12cm
  • Penis:16cm
  • Anusï¼?4cm
  • Net Weightï¼?2.5KG
  • Pakage Sizeï¼?54*42*31

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