AS Doll 153cm Huge Breast Sex Doll-Mariam

AS Doll

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How does it feel to have sex with a huge breast sex doll? The best sex doll is this type, which is more practical in full-size dolls. Mariam  is 153 cm tall and weighs 31 kg. She likes to use breasts to serve men. Mariam is different from ordinary girls. She is indeed a bit perverted. She is passionate about having sex all day. She can have sex many times a day. She also likes rude SM games and can even accept more sexual intercourse, and her vagina never tires.

Brand: AS Sex Dolls

  • Height:153cm
  • Body:134cm
  • Neck:26cm
  • Shoulder:33cm
  • Upper Breast:88cm
  • Under Breastï¼?2cm
  • Waistï¼?1cm
  • Hipï¼?6cm
  • Arm:59cm
  • Palm:13cm
  • Leg:78cm
  • Foot:20cm
  • Mouth:12cm
  • Vagina:15cm
  • Anusï¼?4cm
  • Net Weightï¼?1KG
  • Pakage Sizeï¼?54*42*31

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