Irma. She is very mature and enchanting. She is a beauty that many people cannot refuse. Under the black short skirt, with an oversized chest and tight traction, it is a good figure that drives men crazy. But there are many men who want her, so please seize the opportunity and let her come into your arms.

Size & Info
Brand: AF Doll
Head: 64
Waist: 57cm
Hips: 95cm
Bust: 105cm
Underbust: 60cm
Shoulder Width: 36cm 
Height: 170cm  (Head Included)
body Heught: 154cm
Leg Length: 89cm 
Arm Length: 59cm 
Neck Circum: 31cm
Thigh Circum: 53cm 
Calf Circum: 35cm 
Hands Length: 16cm 
Feet Length: 21cm
Weight: 47kg
Depth of Oral: 13cm
Depth of Anus: 16cm 
Depth of Vagina: 18cm
Material: TPE

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