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AF Doll

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Tisan has perfect brown hair. She has big breasts, which can satisfy your sexual fantasies. Her figure is very sexy, all exuding a seductive smell. You can see her wearing sexy white underwear and white stockings. In addition, her skin is smooth and elastic, just like a real woman, you can get any feeling you want on her. Are you still hesitating? Have a great night with your sex doll!

Brand AF Doll
Material Extra soft TPE material, articulated metal skeleton
Height 160cm G Cup Sex Dolls
Brand AF Doll
Bust/Band/Waist 85 cm / 59 cm / 61 cm
Hip 97 cm
Shoulder Width 37 cm
Arms 61 cm
Legs 75 cm
Thigh Circumference 51 cm
Calf Circumference 32 cm
Hands 17 cm
Feet 21 cm
Oral/Vagina/Anal Depth 13 cm / 18 cm / 16 cm
Weight 39 kg
Standing Optional 


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