6YE Doll 168cm medium breasts bikini smile sex doll-Hetuy

6Ye Doll

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Hetuy is a mature and successful woman. She is now the general manager of a well-known company. Every time she walks by her, her customers will send her sexy smiles. She believes that clients are critical to the success of her new career, and it will provide you with services beyond ordinary librarians. Usually, she brags, if you are lucky enough, you can get her likes.

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Doll Measurements

  • Height: 168 cm
  • Weight: 38 kg
  • Upper Bust: 79 cm
  • Waist: 51 cm
  • Hips: 85 cm
  • Vagina Depth: 18 cm
  • Anus Depth: 17 cm
  • Mouth Depth: 13 cm

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