Irontehc Doll 155cm Asian Pure Medium Breast Brunette Sex Doll Sandra

Irontech Doll

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Sandra is an Asian woman and an internet celebrity with a large number of fans. She has the potential to be an internet celebrity. She has brown curly hair and good facial features, especially her eyes, which are very big with light in them. , Medium breasts, thin waist, straight legs, pure temperament, she is very beautiful, now she wears pink pajamas, looks very sexy, do you like such a pure and sexy Asian women?

Brand Irontech Doll
Material TPE With Metal Skeleton Inside
Height 155 cm
Shoulder Width 33 cm
Bust/Band/Waist 74 cm / 63 cm / 57 cm
Hipline 82 cm
Arm Length 54 cm
Leg Length 81 cm
Feet Length 20 cm
Mouth/Anus/Vagina 13 cm / 15 cm / 17 cm
Net Weight 30 kg

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