About adult sex doll prices, you need to know these

About adult sex doll prices, you need to know these

March 15, 2021

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There is one major question that everyone who is interested in love dolls will ask themselves at one point or another: How much is a sex doll?

More specifically people ask themselves ‘how much should I pay for a sex doll?’ and ‘Is a sex doll worth it?’

Unfortunately there is no short answer to this article’s question since it all comes down to what you want out of your doll.

In this article I will explain to you first, what key factors play a role in the widely different pricing of dolls. Then you will learn how much you can expect a sex doll to cost that fulfills your personal needs.


Factors That Affect How Much A Sex Doll Costs


Let me start with this: There are many different sex dolls out there and they come in all kinds of price ranges.

With this said, you might wonder why this is.

What exactly is the reason for the widely different pricing of sex dolls? And how much is a sex doll now? Exactly?

It basically all comes down to the following four main key factors.


  • Type of material

Is the doll made out of rubber, latex, TPE or silicone?

Rubber and latex dolls are only used in the bottom barrel of sex dolls, they are not relevant in this article.

TPE and Silicone are the modern industry standard for fuck puppets. They both imitate human skin extremely well, not only when looking at it but also when touching it.

Silicone is more expensive while TPE is cheaper, however TPE comes with disadvantages like porousness and it can’t resist heat.

You can find dolls made from both materials in most price ranges.

  • Quality of material

Is the doll made out of low or high quality TPE or silicone?

Quality plays an important role in the production of love dolls. Higher grade materials will always cost more than lower grade ones.

Do you want to better understand the silicone doll price and TPE doll price?

When TPE is produced, multiple plastics are mixed together. The more plastics are used and depending on how impure they are you will get low quality TPE. The opposite is the case when fewer pure plastics are mixed, the result is high quality TPE. The idea is similar for silicone.

Obviously, the higher quality and more expensive the raw materials are, the more expensive the sex doll price will be.

You get the idea?

If you wanted to put it on a scale, one could say that low quality TPE is the cheapest and high grade silicone is the most expensive material.

  • Amount of material used

How tall is the doll and how much does it weigh?

The next factor to consider is the amount of TPE or silicone a doll needs to represent a lifelike doll.

A slim, light and small doll will cost much less than a thick, heavy and tall one. This is because a tall sex doll simply has to imitate more skin surface than a small one.

Makes sense doesn’t it?

An interesting fact here, is that weight is a minor factor because it can be influenced by the skeleton of a love doll.

  • Detail richness and realism of doll

Does the doll barely look and feel real or is it lifelike?

The last factor you should look at is that the amount of detail that goes into building a lifelike sex doll has its costs. Art simply needs time and has a high price.

Why art?

Artists like professional sculptors and painters are employed to create molds, models and lifelike body parts like eyes or genitalia. Not all parts of the puppet can be mass produced and need to be at least partly handmade. All this has to be as anatomically correct as possible for a realistic sex doll.

Plus, the more lifelike the doll is supposed to be, the better quality material it needs which drives up the cost even more.

However, if you don’t necessarily want a realistic sex doll then this factor doesn’t matter as much as the other factors do.

Now the question ‘how much is a sex doll?’ doesn’t seem as easy as before anymore, right? There’s a lot to think about.

Entry Level Sex Dolls


These are the cheapest of our beloved sex dolls. I would consider this category to be in a price range from $400 to $1.000.

Starting with cheap sex dolls I want to give you some quick advice. If you’re unsure if a sex doll is an option for you then you should consider buying a cheap one instead of a high-end sex doll.

  • What if you don’t like the experience at all?

It would be a waste to pay thousands of dollars for an item that you use once or twice and then it just lies around.

Plus, it’s a real struggle to get rid of because you can’t really sell it secondhand (who the hell wants a used sex doll?) and just deposing it in your trash also doesn’t work well.

Anyway, if you think a cheap sex doll would be for you this is what you need to know about their features:

  • Predominantly TPE
  • Lower to mid-range quality material
  • Easier to handle and keep secret
  • Rather small and light
  • Feels and looks rather unrealistic
  • Rather undetailed & unproportional body features
  • Break easily and age badly (1–2years)
  • Will leak oils eventually
  • Not all orifices usable

Here you can find cheap realistic sex dolls.


Mid-range Sex Dolls



Next up are the mid-range sex dolls, which are priced from $1.000 — $2.500. You should be looking at these instead of cheap ones if you’re sure that a sex doll is precisely what you need for whatever reason you’d want one for.

You can definitely get a good looking, realistic and affordable love doll in this price range that will provide you with an impressive experience.

Here are some primary qualities you should know about:

  • TPE or silicone options
  • Quality of material ranges from low to high TPE and low to mid-grade silicone
  • Silicone options most likely aren’t platinum cured
  • Various size and weight options
  • Realistic feel and appearance of body features
  • Smaller details might be neglected (e.g. fingers)
  • Age better but noticeably (2–3 years)
  • Skeleton and joints more durable & sturdier
  • Will leak oils eventually
  • 2–3 Orifices available


High-end Sex Dolls


This category is the most expensive one with prices ranging from $2.500 — $10.000 or possibly even more! If you want an amazing high quality sex doll right away or if you have experience with them already, you should opt for this category.

If you are paying for an rather expensive love puppet you’ll get a lifelike companion that won’t disappoint.

These prices don’t just pay for the best quality. Of course you don’t have to customize, but it is recommended when you’re already willing to pay top dollar for a fuck puppet. This way you can get your dream woman and fulfill your biggest fantasies.

This is what you should know:

  • Few TPE, mostly silicone sex dolls
  • Highest quality TPE and silicone
  • Silicone dolls are platinum cured = no leaking
  • All sizes and weights are possible
  • Both feeling and appearance is lifelike
  • Body features are detail-rich and realistic (e.g. eyelashes, freckles, moles etc.)
  • Age well (3+ years)
  • Very durable and sturdy due to strong skeleton
  • 3 Orifices
  • Highly customizable



We reached the end of this article on ‘how much is a sex doll?’ so let me sum up.

You now understand the adult solid sex doll price better. There are all kinds of love dolls ranging from $400 — $10.000+. It all depends on what kind of doll you want and there is definitely one out there just for you. The cheap one is only 400 US dollars, while mid-range ones sell for up to $2.500. High-end sex dolls however can cost several thousands which is affected a lot by customization costs. This is the price you’ll have to pay for purchasing a puppet which fulfills your desires and fantasies.

If you don’t know where to find the cheapest $400 sex doll, come to wholesale tpe sex doll.

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