2020 Survivalists New Checklist: Sex Doll, Bullets, Rice

2020 Survivalists New Checklist: Sex Doll, Bullets, Rice

January 09, 2021

Global markets all over the world are now starting to fall off as COVID- 19, the killer of the thousands, continue to take over, dreading the business investors for its pessimistic innuendo toward the worldwide economy. Dow Jones Industrial Average, the stock directory for 30 huge and publicly-owned firms under NYSE and NASDAQ, descended to 350 points (about 1.4 percent) on Friday along with S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite with 0.8 percent and 3.5 percent plummet, respectively. Dow’s percentage loss of 12 percent or more than 3, 500 points over the week is the biggest since 2008.    

When all these harmful events happen in the United States and the world, the biggest question is: "How do we survive?"

The Meanings

The world-famous aerospace company Boeing, and the country's leading banking institution JPMorgan Chase, are the stocks that have fallen the most in the Dow Jones Index, both falling more than 4%. On the one hand, Apple fell to 0.1%.

So far, the decline in the Dow Jones Industrial Average has not been shocking because the White House has ensured that the overall economy is still under good control. However, there is no long-term guarantee, especially when the stock’s performance continues to be sluggish and there are no signs of progress. When the worst continues to happen and continues to affect key transactions on Wall Street, here, ordinary Americans will begin to feel the consequences of this epidemic and recession. Please note that the price activity in the stock market is similar to the country's overall economy, affecting investment, consumption and employment.

During the stock market crash, the growth of the stock trading business was stopped, partially paralyzing them to continue their daily operations. As time passed, market tensions continued to tighten, and the revenue and investment generated by these businesses decreased. At this point, the company has eliminated a large number of workers to make it function normally, most of whom are not immune to the cruel market wave, and are therefore forced to close the company permanently.


A picture of sex doll


Consequences of losing business-how to survive?

Losing business, you have been working for many years, and it will undoubtedly have a terrible impact on you. You may lose a companion in your life. With the arrival of the darkest chapters in life, your self-esteem will begin to disintegrate and plunge you into chaos. Can you survive? Yes, you can, but you need people or things that can help you through all these difficulties. People who will accompany you unconditionally and see your value.

The best option on the shelf you can choose is a sex doll, which is an inanimate body that can restore your confidence and help you regain health. The once bankrupt business seems to be a long and tortuous road, but as long as you carry a sex doll with you, everything will become easy until you finally reassemble the broken pieces.

By building self-confidence again, emotional challenges caused by various situations (such as losing business) can be resolved initially. If you want to perform this first step yourself, it is difficult. However, if you have a realistic sex doll to accompany you on a lonely night, you can help yourself to have a better tomorrow.

Disperse the emotional stress around you. You can bring a life size sex doll when you have dinner, watch your favorite movies, or have a nice and satisfying sex with her, to reduce your inner burden in some way.

A picure of a big breast sex doll.

Time to Move Forward After the Fall

Once you feel that you have finally gotten rid of these dark chapters in your life, you can now move on, reinvent yourself, and have self-esteem and trust. Now it is time to find your happiness again and live a stable life with the sex doll. The lifelike sex doll is a loyal companion and will never leave your side.

To sum up, the following are the most important things that can help you survive if you encounter a stock market crash in the future:

Sex Dolls

A firm companion, when the world has abandoned you, he will never leave you. This kind of malleable creation will stay with you until you regain your confidence and self-worth. There are online wholesale TPE sex dolls online, and there are many brand-name sex dolls: Gynoid Doll, irontech sex doll, WM Doll... You can quickly find the sex dolls you like.



When you finally regain sufficient financial resources and resources, please pay all debts immediately. This will restore your good reputation as a businessman and get out of trouble.


No matter what happens, eat regularly to ensure good health. Eating enough food and being healthy will make you more conscious, and it will be easier to help you overcome the epidemic and have a better life.

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