Yuqu 145cm B cup small breasts pure and slim cute sex doll Shimin

Yuqu Doll

149Shimin is a Japanese university student, but she is not an ordinary female student. She is the most beautiful girl in their school. She is a girl who many boys want to be their first love. Her appearance is very youthful and pure and lovely, and she has a slender figure. She has always been good at grades and treats everyone very kindly, but on the other hand, she is very rebellious, likes to fight, goes to nightclubs to dance at night, and dresses very maturely, so she is very cool.


Length: 123 cm
Upper bust: 72 cm
Lower bust: 58.5 cm
Waist: 52 cm
Hips: 76 cm
Shoulder width: 32 cm
Arm length: 59 cm
Palm: 16 cm
Net weight: 28 kg
Gross weight: 33.5 kg
Outer thigh length: 83 cm
A section of thigh length: 68 cm
Foot length: 20 cm
Mouth depth: 12 cm
Depth of vagina: 17 cm
Anus depth: 14 cmyuqu140
Carton size: 132 * 40 * 28 cm

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