YouQDoll 140cm Asian C cup medium breasts curvy slim Petite sex doll-Mixue


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Sex doll Mixue feels that she is very happy now. She is wearing a white wedding dress. Yes, she is about to get married. At this moment, she is both nervous and surprised, with a happy smile on her face. She wants to marry the man she likes. She is an Asian woman who has had a very smooth life. Her parents have been very harmonious since she was a child, and they loved her very much, and the family is also very rich. When she grew up, she was admitted to a very good university, and then she was in school. Know her husband until now.


height:140 cm
Upper bust:73 cm
Under bust:55 cm
Waist circumference:48 cm
Hips:76 cm
Shoulder width:34 cm
Arm length:58 cm
palm:14 cm
Outer thigh length:82 cm
Long thighs:68 cm
Foot length:20 cm
Mouth depth:12 cm
Vaginal depth:17 cm
Anal depth:14 cm
Carton size:132*40*28 cm

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