YL Dolls 155cm D cup | Sex Doll - Heidi

YL Doll

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Heidi looked silent and looked very thin. This is because she has experienced a lot of painful things. She had just experienced a very sad relationship. She loved her ex boyfriend very much, but her ex boyfriend fell in love with another woman. Because she felt that her boyfriend was getting further and further away from herself. So she questioned her ex-boyfriend, and her ex-boyfriend admitted cheating. This made her hysterical and didn't know how to face this love that had persisted for ten years. Will you help her through this relationship?

Size & Info

  • Brand              YL
  • Doll size           YL 155cm D cup
  • Height             155cm / 5ft 1
  • Head                84
  • Weight kg        34kg
  • Weight lbs       75lbs
  • Full bust          84cm
  • Under-bust      63cm
  • Waist               55cm
  • Hip                  90cm
  • Foot length     21cm
  • Leg length       83cm
  • Arm length      65cm
  • Shoulders        35cm
  • Vagina depth   17cm
  • Anus depth     17cm
  • Oral depth       13cm
  • Cup size           D
  • Material          TPE

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