XY |168cm C Cup lon hair medium boobs Asian Curvy Sex Doll Xia

XY Doll

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Xia is a girl from Japan. She has never been to America before.
She seems unable to accept the fiery atmosphere here, and she still retains traditional Japanese values.
She is too shy to look you in the eye.
She's been walking right behind you
Her little head hung down gently, and you could see her red ears from shyness,
When you gently hold her head, she can only hold you and feel safe
But when it's just the two of you, she shows you everything

⚠️  Notes

  • XY silicone heads do not have oral capability. (Coming soon!)
  • XY silicone heads come with permanent make-up.
  • XY Dolls are priced to include the wig hair option. Implanted hair is available as a paid upgrade. 
  • XY Dolls come with shrugging shoulders, fixed vagina & hollow breasts as standard.

    Size & info.

    • Brand: XY Doll
    • Model: XY 168cm C cup
    • Weight: 38kg
    • Height: 168cm
    • Cup: 32C (US)
    • Upper breast: 83cm
    • Lower breast: 63cm
    • Waist: 63cm
    • Hip: 84cm
    • Shoulder: 37cm
    • Arm: 60cm
    • Leg: 91cm
    • Foot: 23cm
    • Vagina Depth: 21cm
    • Anal Depth: 14cm
    • Oral Depth: N/A
    • Material: Silicone head & TPE body

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