WM 172cm Hot Student Part-time Sex Doll Hillary

WM Doll

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Hillary is also a tall girl with big eyes and straight yellow hair. She looks confident.

You can see that every part of her body is perfect, and her skin is extremely delicate, giving you a wonderful tactile experience.

She likes sports, you can enjoy the sweat on her body after exercise, and take photos to record the good times.

After the exercise, you can take a bath with her, watch her gradually wet body, you can help her bath, touch her body.

You can also watch her body covered with bath gel and smell her fragrance.
Enjoy the romantic moments that only belong to you two!

Through long-term research and development, we have constantly developed new dolls with different design styles, and designed new silicone dolls with the times.

These are all new popular dolls.

If you happen to be looking for a new fashion sex doll, keep up with us!


Height Weight Bust Waist
5 ft 7 in.  90.4 lbs. 33.5 in. 23.2 in.
172 cm. 41 kg 85 cm.   59 cm.
Hips Mouth Vagina Anus
33.5 in. 4.7 in. 7.1 in. 6.3 in.
85 cm. 12 cm 18 cm. 16 cm.

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