WM 166cm Small Breast Sex Doll Exotic Patricia

WM Doll

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This typical blonde meets all your aesthetic needs. She is like a sweetheart, everything on her body is so delicate and beautiful. If you've been looking for beauty, then she's definitely what you're looking for. She is your muse, she brings you infinite inspiration, you are immersed in the world of art together.

Her body is sexy and wild, and usually her dress is personalized and fashionable. Yes, she is a modern girl.

Tonight, she's a pole dancer in a tight black dress, and she's the sexiest beauty on the stage. Her graceful and charming dancing style attracted many people's attention. When she comes off the stage, you want to get close to her and talk to her and invite her for a drink tonight. She accepted your invitation.

Who knows what's going to happen next?

Height Breast Waist Hip Cross Shoulder Arm length Leg length Foot length Calf circumference Neck circumference Net Weight Gross Weight
166cm(As Model) 82cm 52cm 85cm 37cm 63cm 92cm 21cm 30cm 33kg 42

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