WM 165cm Big Boom Sex Doll Maxine

WM Doll

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Maxine looks like a latin girl and has a perfect figure. Her dark skin and golden curly hair will arouse the deepest desire in your body, which will make you crazy. If you really look forward to meeting her, inserting her vagina, and kissing her chest, then you can definitely choose this sex doll, and you will be satisfied.

Her full body will make you very crazy, her expression seems to be enjoying the pleasure of climax! You will revel in her soft and elastic body, and your heart will beat faster.

Lace stockings add a bit of sexiness to her. When she is lying on the bed with her back to you, you can insert the penis into her vagina from behind. You can insert the penis into her vagina from the front when she is lying in bed facing you or sitting on the windowsill with her legs open.

She yearns for your love at any time!



Height Breast Waist Hip Cross Shoulder Arm length Hand length Leg length Foot length Arm circumference Thigh circumference Calf circumference Neck circumference Net Weight Gross Weight
165cm B(As Model) 91cm 52cm 89cm 34cm 50cm 16cm 88cm 19cm 23cm 44cm 28cm 27cm 35kg 43

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