WM 162 B CUP medium breast Solaine

WM Doll

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Solaine has sexy blonde hair and sexy underwear. Her perfect figure looms under the white underwear, which is very sexy. The doll is well proportioned, with a confident smile on her face, like a supermodel.
Her chest is small, so she can handle a variety of fashionable clothes.
She is a mature and open beauty, good at making surprises for men. At the moment, she is lying in bed waiting for her true love, fiddling with her prepared erotic underwear. The expression full of desire is hard to cover up. Yes, she has been burning with desire and looking forward to a romantic night!


Height Weight Breast Cup
5'4" 93 lbs B
Bust Waist Hip
35" 26" 36"
Shoe Size Vaginal Depth Anal Depth
4.5 6.7" 6.3"

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