WM 160cm Small Breast Red Head Sex Doll Stacy

WM Doll

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Stacy looks very young, she is still a virgin. You can enjoy a beautiful evening together. If you like sex dolls with small breasts, then you must not miss this extremely sexy sex doll. Her red hair brings you countless passionate experiences. You will feel her tight and small vagina, and you will join the superb sex together. This feeling is hard to resist.

One day, a porn producer contacted her after a competition, inviting her to become one of the main actresses in an upcoming porn. Stacy was scared, surprised, and excited, feeling everything in one moment, her mood was very complicated. Finally, she can’t resist the money and give up her body in her first porn. People love her body, stunned with how she looked like when she took her shirts off. She was shy, but getting used to it very quickly, and enjoying every single moment of it.

She exudes an alluring charm.


Height 160cm(As Model) Foot length 20cm
Breast 81cm Arm circumference 22cm
Waist 62cm Thigh circumference 50cm
Hip 91cm Calf circumference 32cm
Cross Shoulder 39cm Neck circumference 28cm
Hand length 16cm Net Weight 40kg
Leg length 81cm Gross Weight 47kg

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