WM 158cm red pregnant sex doll Azariah

WM Doll

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When you see Azariah's sex doll for the first time, you will be fascinated by her. Really, it's hard to believe that she is a doll. She looks very lifelike, touch is also very realistic, happy time with her is like with a real person, her beautiful face, round chest, model like waist and legs let you can't move your eyes, and her desire will make you can't stop, you can immediately order to take her home.
Her white belly is a little big, wearing short red sex clothes, she is still so sexy and charming, beautiful face makes people daydream, she was once the goddess that many people dream of!


  • Height:5 ft 2 in. / 158 cm
  • Brand:WM Doll
  • Bra Size :B cup
  • Bust :31.9 in / 81cm
  • Waist :33 in / 84cm
  • Hips :33.9 in / 96cm
  • Underbust :26.6 in / 67.5cm
  • Foot Length :8.5 in / 21.5cm
  • Leg Length :29.1 in / 74cm
  • Arm Length :24.4 in / 62cm
  • Shoulder Width :14.2 in / 36cm
  • Weight :90 lbs / 41kg

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