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Qita doll, TPE sex doll torso, 78cm, 18kg

Long brown hair, delicate face, snow-white skin, big and soft tits. This is one of the most beautiful sex doll torso in Qita Doll. It weighs only 18kg, as long as you need it, you can take her anywhere and anytime.

The head of the sex doll is detachable and replaceable, and you can buy it as an accessory for a full size sex doll.

Nrand Qita Doll Waist(cm) 59
Material TPE
Shoulder Width(cm) 34
Height(cm) 78 Vagina 14
Bust(cm) 72 Anus 10
Under Bust(cm) 51 Neck circumference 27
Hips(cm) 75 Net weight 18

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