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Stacy's mom is a mature, juicy sex doll with a particularly sexy body, like a ripe peach. You can taste the sweetness of spring in her.
No matter what kind of sex doll you like, she can meet your needs. She can do whatever position you like, and her body is very light. You can easily lift her body.
You can also customize a character doll, we guarantee that the quality will fully meet your expectations. You'll be surprised at all the sex dolls you receive. Take her home, she will always be your most loyal wife.
She saw you at her daughter's birthday party. Since then, Stacy's mom has been dreaming about you. She would imagine you gently touching her soft, curvy body.
When you're alone with her, she wants you to spank her juicy bubble ass. Stacy's mom likes you to slide your hard penis between her beautiful, strong breasts. Try to explore her sexy, tight vagina. Stacy's mom loves to be beaten by your charming penis. Watch her plump nipples bounce up and down as you push your penis into her body.

Real vaginal tunnel

Stacy's mom's clitoris feels real. It is made of medical grade thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), which has super high durability and can withstand all kinds of stimulation. Her vaginal passages also have super lifelike features: folds, ridges and grooves that hold your penis tightly for pleasure. The curved, twisted structure can squeeze and hold your penis until you burst, and it's deep enough that you can slide your penis all the way in. Stacy's mom's pudendum has thick muscles that provide incredible suction with every push. Compatible with water-based lubricants for a humid and warm experience.

True anal canal

Stacy's mom's tight anus can swallow your entire penis while providing strong suction. Stacy's mom's anal canal has bumps and protuberances that excite you in the most sensitive part of your penis. Her anus will make you feel stronger, more elastic and more exciting.
Skin like thermoplastic elastomer material
Stacy's mom is made of a medical grade thermoplastic elastomer material that feels close to human skin. Surreal look and feel. It is also very soft and can be stretched without deformation. This helps Stacy's mom's breasts and buttocks shake like jelly. Her pudendal sweet inner and outer "lips" and juicy pink nipples make her look like a real woman. You can make her perform any pose you want to experience.

Key Features

  • â�?3 In 1 Pleasure- Vaginal sex, anal sex and breast sex. You can pick your favorite and position as your wish.
  • â�?Lifelike Tunnels- The two soft and tight tunnels filled with ribs and nubs for you to explore.
  • â�?“Skin-Likeâ€?TPE Material provides you with incredibly soft and highly realistic sensations and feels just like a beautiful woman.
  • â�?The framework inside her helps hold her in place no matter how wild you want to ride.
  • â�?Sexy Curves- This pretty, life-like pleasure doll offers up bouncing boobs, slim waist, plump ass for long nights of loving.
  • â�?Super stretchy tunnels- can be stretched without deforming. The penises between 6 to 9 inches can get a good experience during use.
  • â�?Tunnels are fulled with textured nodules and ridges on the inner walls, which will increase friction and irritation.
  • ❤The sealed design of the tunnels creates a negative pressure and sucking sensation

Body Measurements

  • â�?Height: 15â€?/li>
  • â�?Length: 7.9â€?/li>
  • â�?Width: 6.3â€?/li>
  • â�?Weight: 11.9 lbs
  • â�?Vaginal tunnel length: 6â€?/li>
  • â�?Vaginal opening diameter: 0.4â€?/li>
  • â�?Anal tunnel length: 5â€?/li>
  • â�?Anal opening diameter: 0.3â€?/li>

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