Sanhui Asian156cm short hair medium breasts sex doll Huizimei

Huizimei is an Asian girl with a medium stature, short brown hair, soft facial features, medium breasts, and a slim body. At the moment, she is naked and does not wear any clothes. She looks like a high school student, very young, but in fact She is an adult and has a very rich sexual experience. As long as you want, then she will cooperate with you and she will meet any of your needs. Like her, contact us.


Material: High-end Virgin TPE (No use of second-hand TPE)
Height: 156cm
Weight: 27KG
Shoulder: 31cm
Bust: 73cm
Under Bust: 59cm
Waist: 53cm
Hips: 80cm
Thigh Girth: 47cm
Feet: 20cm
Mouth: 9cm
Vagina: 15cm
Anus: 15cm
Sex Openings: Mouth / Anus / Vagina

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