SanHui TPE Asian huge breasts 156cm curvy and slim sex doll Zilan


Zilan is an Asian girl with long brown hair and flat bangs, so the usual hairstyle can't hide her beauty. Her breasts are very plump, big and round, and the touch is very soft. You can't hold it. Live, her waist is very thin, buttocks are straight, straight legs, white and delicate skin, at the moment she is wearing a purple tight skirt, which fits her name very well. She is one of the most popular dolls, like her, contact us.

Sanhui Model Making Co., Ltd. was established in 2010 and is located in Nanning, China. Sanhui has been making and selling lovely companions. All dolls are made of high-quality medical grade platinum silicone imported from Japan, and have a durable stainless steel frame that can be completely placed and a cushion made of soft environmentally friendly foam. The bones provide extensive movement similar to the human body. Therefore, the body of Sanhui Doll can change various postures to meet any of your requirements. In addition, you can decide the sex doll from hair, eyes, breasts, private parts to toes. High-quality silicone provides good tactile feedback similar to human skin for our dolls.

Silicone has anti-fouling and dust-proof effects, and is easy to clean. In addition, silicone allows us to create the finest details on the doll. Take a closer look at our doll and you will find her skin, lifelike hands and beautiful pores on her feet. In order to achieve the softness similar to human breasts, Sanhui sex dolls use softer silicone inside the breasts. Every part of them is soft and you will love this real experience. The cosmetics on the doll are hand-applied by Sanhui artists and will not fade. The default skin color of SanHui doll is pink. However, if you like custom colors, please let us know and we will provide them for free.


Material: High-end Virgin TPE (No use of second-hand TPE)
Height: 156cm
Weight: 27KG
Shoulder: 31cm
Bust: 75cm
Under Bust: 58cm
Waist: 52cm
Hips: 79cm
Thigh Girth: 46cm
Feet: 20cm
Mouth: 9cm
Vagina: 15cm
Anus: 15cm
Sex Openings: Mouth / Anus / Vagina

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