Realistic Male Sex Doll Torso


 It is the best sex toy for women. It is made according to the male real penis in a ratio of 1:1. It fits the size of most women and many women use it to experience it. Because of its good quality, it can be used for a long time. The weight is affordable for women. In terms of touch, it is no different from real men.

This sex doll torso is made under the inspiration of a muscle strong man. Natural body features, realistic horny penis, sexy back, obvious real life like stomach muscle. All these features make the doll a sexy realistic creatures for women!

  • Length: 69cm
  • Height: 31cm
  • Shoulder Width:48cm
  • Hip Width: 40cm
  • Penis Length: 16cm
  • Weight: 12kg
  • Material: TPE

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