QITA 180cm Strong charm male sex doll Charles

Qita Doll

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Charles is a very sexy sex doll. His body is like a male god in a Greek sculpture. His body ratio is the best, you can see that every part of his body seems to be carefully sculpted. He is simply the most ideal person in your mind. His height is very high, absolutely matching your ideal boyfriend's height. He will bring you more passion and desire. If you want a sexy male sex doll, choose him!


Heightï¼?/td> 180cm
Shoulder widthï¼?/td> 49cm
Arm lengthï¼?/td> 52cm
Hand lengthï¼?/td> 16.5cm
Arm circumferenceï¼?/td> 35cm
Bustï¼?/td> 95cm
Waistï¼?/td> 80cm
Hipsï¼?/td> 94cm
penis lengthï¼?/td> 16.5cm
Leg lengthï¼?/td> 86cm
Foot lengthï¼?/td> 25cm
Thigh circumferenceï¼?/td> 57cm
Calf circumferenceï¼?/td> 41cm
Anusï¼?/td> 10cm
Net weightï¼?/td> 65kg

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