QITA 158cm E cup big boobs Japanese sexy sex doll Lilac

Qita Doll

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Lilacs in classical dress,
Her clothes look very traditional.
But she dresses so sexy, her big boobs are all over the place
You can take off her clothes, touch her perfect body, and spend a perfect night with her.
After all, there are no such attractive women in reality.
You can also customize a sex doll, we guarantee that the sex doll's hair completely meet your expectations.
You'll be surprised at the variety of sex dolls you receive.
Take her home, she will always be your truest wife.


Heightï¼?/td> 158cm 
Bustï¼?/td> 75cm
Under Bustï¼?/td> 49cm
Hipsï¼?/td> 75cm
Waistï¼?/td> 56cm
Shoulder widthï¼?/td> 34cm
Arm circumferenceï¼?/td> 20cm
Arm lengthï¼?/td> 47cm
Hand lengthï¼?/td> 15cm
Leg lengthï¼?/td> 75cm
Thigh circumferenceï¼?/td> 42cm
Calf circumferenceeï¼?/td> 27cm
vaginalï¼?/td> 14cm
Anusï¼?/td> 10cm
Foot lengthï¼?/td> 21cm
Neck circumferenceï¼?/td> 27cm
Net weightï¼?/td> 30KG

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