Piper Doll Silicone - 160cm Manga Cute Big boobs Japanese Sexy sex doll

Piper Doll

The doll has beautiful silver hair and is very sexy in bed.Her body is relatively petite, but she has a big bust and a big butt, as if she could squeeze out a lot of water.
Let a person fantasize about her, her eyes are so gentle, staring at you, let you want her to be your woman.Her breasts and hips were even softer than real women.
You can imagine how much better her perfect body has been for you.

This is the new silicone sex doll we've been waiting for, and here she comes...
We guided the news, but no one knew how beautiful she would become!

Introduce...With Akira MK2, new and improved, super Platinum and super soft silicon, and every move is realistic, it's sure to make your body different than it used to be. Piper Doll's first silicone Doll was a replica of the world-beating 150cm Akira (TPE), and she didn't disappoint!

Piper Doll are one of the most popular doll brands on the market, meticulously designed and brought to life by the great Mizuwali (A legendary designer and photographer in the sex doll world), and the new silicone Akira has everyone at Silicone Lovers jumping around like nutters, she's amazing, and she knows it! If this is a taste of what's to come from Piper, buckle up boys, sh#t just got real! Check it out for yourself, nothing I say will justify how incredible she looks! 

(In-fact, stop reading this and watch the video below...The jiggle is amazing!)

Piper Dolls are best known for their incredible design and their exceptional quality. They are hand made from Piper Doll’s unique Platinum TPE blend. A defining feature is the seamless neck join and body, truly unique from any other manufacturer - The heads are not interchangeable (customisations are still available).

The silicone models come with the upgraded EVO skeleton as default - a posable metal skeleton is designed to imitate movements similar to humans, enabling all sorts of realistic positioning and flexibility, including full squats. 

*Please note, silicone dolls do not have oral capability. 

Size & Info

  • Material: Platinum Silicone
  • Height : 160 cm
  • Net Weight: 41 kg
  • Shoulder: 36 cm
  • Bust: 82 cm
  • Cup: G cup
  • Under Bust: 57 cm
  • Waist: 61 cm
  • Hip: 95cm
  • Length of Arm: 47 cm
  • Length of Leg: 87 cm
  • Length of Foot: 23 cm
  • Depth of Anal: 14 cm
  • Depth of Vagina: 17cm
  • Skeleton: EVO (Default)
  • Hanging Hook capabilities: Yes
  • Oral function: No
  • Vagina: Fixed Only
  • Ultra Realistic Makeup: Yes
  • Breasts: Gel implant (Default)
  • Pubic hair implanting: Optional
  • Hair & eyebrow implanting: Not available 

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