Piper 160cm big breast silicone material full size sex doll-Jiefu

Piper Doll

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Jiefu is a perfect doll, with golden curly hair, big blue eyes, as beautiful as the clear sky, exquisite features, plump big breasts, thin waist, straight buttocks, and long legs.

Piper Dolls is one of the most popular doll brands on the market, carefully designed and implemented by the great Mizuwali (the legendary designer and photographer in the sex doll world).

Piper dolls are known for their incredible design and excellent quality. They are handmade from Piper Doll's unique platinum silicone mixture. An obvious feature is the seamless neck connection and body, which is unique among any other manufacturer-the head is not interchangeable (still customizable).

The silicone model comes with an upgraded EVO skeleton by default-a suitable metal skeleton is designed to mimic human-like movements, thereby achieving a variety of realistic positions and flexibility, including full squatting.

Brand Piper Doll Foot Length  23 cm
Material Platinum Silicone Anal Depth 14 cm
Height 160 cm Vagina Depth 17 cm
Weight 39.7 kg Skeleton EVO (Default)
Shoulder 33 cm Hanging Hook Capabilities Yes
Bust 98 cm Oral function No
Cup H cup Vagina Fixed Only
Under Bust 68 cm Ultra Realistic Makeup Yes
Waist 58.7 cm Breasts Gel implant (Default)
Hip 91cm Pubic hair implanting Optional
Arm Length 50.5 cm Hair & eyebrow implanting Not available  
Leg Length  90 cm