QITA 170cm F cup slim big chest sex doll Alice

Qita Doll

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Alice can be your most beautiful wife. She looks very mature. She is a very gentle woman, but she is full of passion and desire. She can keep seducing you. Her figure is very good, her fair skin makes her face more sexy, her watery eyes seem to talk, and the clothes she wears are very cute There are many people who like this style of real dolls. They are cute and flexible. If you like this lifelike doll, hurry up and buy it!

Size & Info

Heightï¼?/td> 170cm
Bustï¼?/td> 80cm
Under Bustï¼?/td> 59cm
Hipsï¼?/td> 90cm
Waistï¼?/td> 68cm
Shoulder widthï¼?/td> 36cm
Arm circumferenceï¼?/td> 22cm
Arm lengthï¼?/td> 50cm
Hand lengthï¼?/td> 15cm
Leg lengthï¼?/td> 80cm
Thigh circumferenceï¼?/td> 52cm
Calf circumferenceeï¼?/td> 33cm
vaginalï¼?/td> 14cm
Anusï¼?/td> 10cm
Foot lengthï¼?/td> 21cm
Neck circumferenceï¼?/td> 28cm
Net weightï¼?/td> 42KG

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