6YE Doll 165cm D cup full-size Asian charming blonde nude sex doll-Wanhia

6Ye Doll

Wanhia is an Asian woman. She has long straight blond hair, soft and delicate facial features unique to oriental women, and her slender figure makes her look tall. The perfect-shaped big breasts, thin waist, straight hips, slender legs, very curved body, pure temperament is very charming.

This sex doll can achieve oral sex, vaginal sex and anal sex to meet the different needs of customers.


Height: 165cm
Weight: 35GK
Gross Weight: 42KG
Upper burst:: 76.5cm
Under burst: 67cm
Waist: 56cm
Hip: 88cm
Mouth hole length: 10cm
Vagina:: 16cm
Anal Cavity Length: 13cm
Foot: 20cm
Arm length: 60cm
Long legs: 84cm
Thigh circumference: 48cm
Package size: 155*38*28cm

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