6YE Doll 158cm A-Cup Japanese slim and sexy Sex Doll - Hafuna

6Ye Doll

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Hafuna is a Japanese woman. She has long straight orange-brown hair, soft facial features that are unique to Oriental women, and a slender figure that makes her look very tall. Although the breasts are not very big, she looks more in line with her figure. She is a little thin, but her body is curved, especially her legs, white and straight long legs, for the leg control, the temptation to refuse.

If you like Japanese sex doll, don't miss her.


Height: 158cm
Upper bust: 69
Under burst: 59cm
Waist: 49cm
Hip: 82cm
Thigh circumference: 46cm
Calf circumference: 28cm
Neck: 28cm
Shoulder: 36cm
Weight: 30 KG
Gross Weight: 38KG
Package size: 150*42*30cm

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