Mozu Doll 145cm Petite TPE Anime Sex Doll #8 - Ryo Tsuki

Mozu Doll

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Ryo Tsuki is an anime sex doll. She has long silver hair, big golden eyes, and small jelly lips. She is very small, only 145cm, and looks like a pupil. Because of this, her body is very light and can match any posture.

Brand MOZU Doll
Material TPE
Height 145 cm
Costume Size S
Bust: 76 cm 70 cm
Waist 51 cm
Hips 73 cm
Mouth Depth 10 cm
Vagina Depth 16 cm
Anal Depth 15 cm
Weight 25 kg

Mozu Doll Information

Mozu Dolls (Qidong Mozu Technology Co., Ltd.) is mainly engaged in the research and development, manufacturing and sales of anime sex dolls. Their prototypes are mainly anime characters, including Lolita girls and domineering ladies. Simulate well-known IP characters, break the boundaries of the dimension wall, and truly come out of the comics. If you are a fan of two-dimensional elements and just want to buy a sex doll, MOZU doll will be a good choice.

What is Anime Sex Doll?

Anime sex dolls are life size sex dolls designed based on cartoon or manga characters. Do you have a favorite anime character? Imagine that your favorite anime character breaks through the dimension wall and appears in your real life. What an exciting thing this is! provides you with the most popular mini anime fuck dolls and Japanese anime love dolls! This series provides popular sex toys for endless, anime, cartoon and manga series. They have perfect fantasy figures and the most realistic vaginas, butts, breasts and so on. A hot anime porn girl always drives men crazy.

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