JY Dolls Chineses Long Legs Sex Doll 175cm | Dili Tall

JY Doll

Dili likes to wear nice clothes, each of which can make her look younger. She is a lively girl, although you don't think it from the outside. But her heart is still very young, always full of girlish fantasies and longings. She hopes to have a prince charming to accompany her and live together forever. Can you become the prince of her dreams? Dili's figure is perfectly proportioned, you can see her figure is like a supermodel, super long legs, ball-shaped chest, her limbs are very thin, but the chest and buttocks are very plump, blond hair exudes In the light of the sun, she is like an elf or an angel in the jungle. Hurry up and take your little angel home!


Size & Info

  • Head: 190
  • Height: 175cm/68.89
  • Neck: 26cm/10.23
  • Shoulder: 38cm/14.96
  • Upper Breast: 81cm/31.88
  • Waist: 50cm/19.68
  • Hip: 95cm/37.40
  • Arm: 70cm/27.55
  • Palm: 15cm/5.9
  • Leg: 100cm/39.37
  • Foot: 20cm/7.87
  • Mouth:13cm/ 5.11
  • Vagina:16cm/6.29
  • Anus: 14cm/5.51
  • Weight: 42.3kg/93.25lb
  • Material:  TPE