JY 167cm Small breasts sex doll Ani

JY Doll

Ani is a very sexy real doll. She wore a bunny girl costume and looked like a sexy waiter in a bar. No matter from which angle, her figure is perfectly presented. Her body feels like a real person, and her skin is delicate and smooth. If you lack a sex partner, take her home.

JY Dolls - Specifically known for their beautiful face designs and elegant bodies. They produce high-quality, beautifully handcrafted sex dolls to an exceptional standard, for a very reasonable price. For the biggest bang for your buck, JY Dolls are the answer... 

Like all our dolls, JY Dolls are handcrafted and made to order. Choose from a variety of TPE grades, all specifically developed to increase the longevity and durability of their sex dolls.  


  • Product style: 168cm  Small breasts
  • Neck circumference: 28cm
  • Shoulder width: 37cm
  • Upper bust: 80cm
  • Under bust :62cm
  • Waist: 58cm
  • Hips: 80cm
  • Arm length: 61cm
  • Palm length: 15cm
  • Leg length: 90cm
  • Foot length: 21cm
  • Mouth length: 12cm
  • Cave length: 16cm
  • Anal hole length: 14cm
  • Body weight: 32.4kg
  • Packing size:158*41*29